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Sweet Sweet Potato Coco Loco Risotto

Work ItAlice Van Heuven
Sweet Sweet Potato Coco Loco Risotto

Sweet Sweet Potato

Coco Loco Risotto

Oh boy, I don’t want to get too excited about a simple dish, but do I have the yummiest, nourishing and easy recipe for you to warm you up during the fall chill. And it happens to be completely vegan!

If you don’t know, now you know : I am a huge sweet potato fan. It’s so easy, and so delicious! Whenever I feel like a sweet one, I just pop’em under the faucet so they get wet, wrap’ em in a paper towel and slide’em in the microwave for 4-7 minutes. The skin peels off like a charm, and they’re perfectly mushy and sweet. Not only do they taste great without any added extras, they’re also so so good for you. They’re a rich source of fibre, vitamin A, B and C, and contain minerals like iron, calcium and selenium… Not convinced yet? They’re also high in the antioxidant beta-carotene, don’t create sugar spikes and are anti-inflammatory!


So anyway, for this dish I just threw a bunch of stuff together that I had laying around.

-Handful of large mushrooms (I used the regular white ones)

-2 sweet potatoes

-1/3 can of coconut milk

-1 red onion

-250g Risotto Rice (arborio)

-Salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano

-Vegetable stock

-Coconut oil

I started by heating up a tablespoon of coconut in a saucepan. Added the diced onion and sliced shrooms. I let them sizzle for about 5 minutes and then added the rice and coconut milk. While that was cooking away, the sweet potatoes were already in the microwave. After about 5 minutes, mine were soft enough and I peeled the skin off.

You gotta stir a lot because you don’t want the rice to stick to the bottom. I mixed a couple of tbsp of veggie stock powder into water and poured it in with the rest (about 1,5 cup). Then you just keep stirring until the rice absorbs all the water. Keep adding more water until the rice tastes exactly right to your preference. I added the mushy sweet potatoes and kept stirring, the salt, pepper, garlic & oregano and voila! Simple. It took me about 20 minutes to make the whole dish, and for most of it you’re just stirring, listening to a podcast and waiting for the rice to reach just the perfect level of sticky.

I was thinking of adding nutritional yeast for the cheesy effect (or real cheese, for the real cheese effect) but it wasn’t even necessary. It was tasty without!

Are you a risotto fan? I also make a mean leek and goat cheese risotto (if I can say so myself), let me know if you’d like me to share that recipe too!



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