A month in Bali

A month in Bali

For years, I’ve been wanting to take a Yoga Teacher Training course, but it was always too expensive, too far away, I had too little time or I wasn’t good enough… yet

When my partner and I got invited to a wedding in Lombok, we started looking at the islands around Lombok for some additional travel. Yoga kept popping up. Who knew that Lombok, Bali and Nusa were such yogi heaven’s?!…. oh apparently everyone did!

I started scouring the internet for yoga courses in Bali. And boy, did I find a great one! JogaYoga is a 200 RYT certified course given at the cutest self sustaining location, ‘Serenity Eco Lodge’. Of course a YTT is not really a vacation, and it was pretty intense, but oh so amazing. We had class from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, and a half day on Saturdays. I decided to book it, who knew when in the future I would be able to make time for this again. My partner was able to work remotely so we went together for a month!

A day at YTT

7 am: Chanting & Meditation

7.30am: Vinyasa yoga or Hatha yoga

9am: Breakfast Buffet

10.30am: Yoga Philosophy & Discussion /
Anatomy & Physiology

12.30pm: Lunch

2.30pm: Teaching Skills/Sequencing/Partner Work

Guest Workshops 

Strength, Flexibility & Pranayama ( Mon, Wed)

Advanced flexibility & mobility training (Tues,Thurs)

Ayurveda (Fri)

5.30pm: Yin Yoga

Joga Yoga Class of 2019

Joga Yoga Class of 2019

If you’re anything like me, that is a dream schedule! The teachers at the course were amazing, we had people from all over the world (US, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Australia,…) and I left there feeling confident to teach, confident as a yogi student, and willing to learn even more. I couldn’t have wished for a better training and would suggest JogaYoga to everyone!


We stayed at an AirBnb in Canngu, and fell in love with the yoga beach town. The sunsets were beautiful, the vegan restaurants plenty and the breeze just perfect on a hot Bali day.

Some of our fave restaurants were: Peloton Supershop, The Shady Shack, Kynd Community, Give, Watercress, La Brisa, Beach Garden In The Raw, Pizza Fabbrica, ….

If you have the time, go for a massage at one of the local spots! If you want to go a little more fancy, book a couple’s massage (or solo massage) at Amo Spa.


Sundays were for exploring. We took trips to Ubud, Lombok (for the most magical wedding), hiked up Mount Batur for the sunrise, visited all the Nusa’s (definitely check out Le Pirate if you’re there) and finished our trip with a stay in Uluwatu. We visited temples (the most crazy one being in a waterfall, which we reached by following the most dangerous stairs along a cliff….pretty sure it was very unsafe lol!), rode our scooter all over the island and slept in a special AirBnb without windows in the middle of the jungle and rice fields (I might have been terrified, and had definitely romanticized this ha).

Nung Nung Waterfall

Nung Nung Waterfall

Our month in Bali flew by and we’ve been back in Antwerp for more than a month already. It’s crazy how time FLIES! I’ve been lucky enough to start teaching yoga immediately. But am already looking for another yoga certificate that will give us an excuse to go back to the Indonesian islands.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to Bali! Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about the YTT.