After living in New York for 6 years, I recently moved back to Belgium…

I moved to NYC in 2012 after auditioning for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and getting accepted. Life in New York was amazing, tough, exciting and an experience I’ll never forget.

After studying at the conservatory for 2 years, I spent the next two years playing every tiny theater in the city. I crawled on black box theater floors, sang in dark bars, entertained at classy weddings, planned shows with friends, staked out at auditions, …but I also did some tour guiding, background work and a lot of nannying.

Part of the O1 (artist) visa deal that you’re on as an “alien”, is that you stick to what you know, in my case: singing, acting & dancing. Any other type of “labor” isn’t allowed. But the O1 visa often got in my way as an artist whilst in theory it should work in your favor.

After many awesome projects, but also plenty of “no’s”… I decided it was time to complete my bachelor’s degree at The New School in music, theater & screenwriting. I also got the NASM personal trainer certification and of course was still auditioning, acting and working on my music.

I always enjoyed the effect exercise had on my mental and physical health, and played with the idea of coaching on the side for a while. It’s flexible, you can help & motivate people and, on top of that, I knew I’d just really enjoy it.

So now, I’ve been back in Belgium for a few months and next to my acting and singing projects, I’m finally putting that certification to use. I teach cycle classes and will start teaching a new concept combining cardio & strength training, and yoga. Fitness and health trends are a little slower coming to Belgium compared to NYC, so I’m starting this little blog to take you along on my health journey here in Europe.

If you have any questions or things you’d like me to talk about, don’t hesitate to reach out!



Picture by Christian-Philippe Consigni

Picture by Christian-Philippe Consigni

Picture by Laura Camarena

Picture by Laura Camarena